Industrial Designer - UBA - Buenos Aires University

- Automotive Design dictated by Advance Design Denari. Graduated 2001

- Plastic injection Design Seminar dictated by ASCAM. 2005

Skils:Computer Tools 

Windows 10, Mac IOS, Office 2014, Corel Draw X5, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, Ceros Rhino 5.0, Vray, Penguin, 3DMax 2014, AutoCAD 2014, Poser 10, SolidWorks 2016, Pro11 Vegas and Sound Forge Pro 10.

Hand Tools 

Freehand drawing, TIG welding, milling and CNC Router.

Lenguage: Spanish & english

Location: Argentina




Zenith Bicycles

Argentinean company dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of bicycles products (

I worked for 5 years developing as a Senior Industrial Designer. Chores: bicycle, bicycle parts and accessories designer, developer and rendering. 2004-2009

Fuego Products

Currently working. 

Design, manufacturing and mangement since 2007.

Owligami folding bike

Currently working. Folding bicycle, chrome molybdenum tubing 4130 tempered , semi integrated front, pivot in the box, disc brake and minimum size folded. 2013-2014

DID All Mountain Frame

We designed and manufacture a completely customed frame for All mountain. Full cromo 4130 temperate, semi integrated front, anchorage ISCG 05, double reinforcement on the front, custom dropouts & bridges stainless steel with initials and strengthening pods "F" opens bottles. 2014

MUV Cycle

Electric bike for urban transit  manufactured by 2011-2012

Tandem Cycle

Bicycle for Two with the length of a bicycle.  Frame, fork and transmission was designed, developped and manufactured by us. 2012. made.

Urbanboo Bike

It was designed and manufactured with a bamboo and aluminium frame for urban use. Developped for Urbamboo Argentina. 2012-2014


Bike designed with the concept of a city bike for rental: ergonomics were design for long journeys and easy and convenient access. Adjustable seat height by a piston, led lights front and rear, cardan drive custom made.


Bamba - Bamboo

Tricycle designed and made ​​from 80% bamboo and 20% aluminum. Powered by an electric drill.

BooBalance - Bamboo
The bike balance for kids built in bamboo. Designed and manufactured for Urbamboo Argentina.  2013.
Wheel of one spoke
Adaptation and manufactury of the wheel designed by Eduardo Costa for his work "Moda ficción, naturaleza, joyas y bicicletas" displayed around the world, currently in the Museum of Moder Art of Latin America (MALBA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2009-2010

Industrial Designer Guido Zorrilla







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